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For Colleen.....Yeah, and the rest of you, too.

Reasons Why Haverford High School Is A "Movie High School"

1. Because you have a radio station. (She's All That)

2. Because you have a winning marching band. (Drumline....Who cares if it was college, and not quite a marching band? It still counts.)

3. Because you've got enough drama to make your own movie. (Insert any movie title here....I'm sure something like it has happened there.)

4. You have your prom at a hotel. (She's All That)

5. Because it's HUGE. (Again, insert any movie title here.)

6. Because you have nicknames for places around your school, ex. "The Pub" (Yeah, insert that title one more time...)

sixteen candles
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Don't think these are the only reasons.....Just the ones I can think of at the moment.
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technically, when we call it the pub, it's not a nickname. it's the lazy way to say "publications office." and i think your drama is >/= to our drama. i was at that party. i know whats going on. and its a whole lot of DRAMA. <3you